And it hit Amazon today

This is me.

I was six years old when this picture was taken, just weeks before the bike and my left leg got munched under a Cadillac.

“Don’t ride in the street -” said mom. Too bad I was already a pro at disobedience.


What’s seven days between friends?

I am 50 today.

I figured let’s get the big news right out there.


He turns 50 next Tuesday, the 21st.

He’s from Texas.

I’ve been to Texas.

The similarities are frightening.

Actually he’s from Massachussets.

But I understand people from Massachussets.

Fine maybe…

This is it.

In this first paragraph I’m going to tell you the story you want to hear. And I’m speaking to you directly — you disenchanted Millennial, you overworked tech-worker, you misunderstood Boomer you. It’s the story you want to hear because I’m betting on the majority rule —…

Ate My Movie! — And other truths from the pandemic

So. . . what’s your major?

Ah the good ol’ days. Remember when you actually used that question — What’s your major? Maybe to a member of the opposite sex at a freshman mixer? Hoping your amazing conversational skills would…

He’s 6' 4" with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a woodsy-California air about him.

Some have called him genteel, instantly likable, carefree. His father is a locally famous — or infamous Northern California naturalist who developed trails and built two California State Parks, and both are cousins to the designer…

My name is not Steve

Look it’s not a pretentious thing, it’s brevity. If I’m in a coffee shop and I’m asked my name, I hesitate.

Do I tell the truth?

Do I say ‘Alden’ and watch the poor barista’s brain grind to a halt and witness the sharpie pause…

Hey it’s not like I haven’t been working on things.

What things, you say?


What changes, you say?

Well for one I bought a truck.

Nashville didn’t exactly ‘require it’ but ya know. . .

And then I sold the Honda.

Ok Dr. Jean was the first — but I swear I didn’t know

What was I doing in 2007? Well for the one thing I was about to make the most severe change of my entire life — second only to dropping out of college to start a BMX bike…

In the room, that is.

It really is an amazing place to be isn’t it?

When things seem to finally plateau, with you on top?

Even in the ups and downs of this life, you will get to that certain age (different for everyone) when the scales of challenges vs…

Alden Olmsted

I was born in a small town to John and Priscilla. Not a pilgrim exactly just another latch-key kid obsessed with BMX and Tom Petty. Now I make films.

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