All Hope is (yeah, it really almost was) Lost

Alden Olmsted
4 min readMar 23, 2024

Chapter Nine of my Indie-Film Journal A Virus Ate My Movie!

“Hey, uh Alden, we need to talk.”

As I write this now, I can look back and see the answer so clearly. At the time, however, it wasn’t looking good. My job was gone. We were out of leads. And I would have to move.

And the brothers and I had to have another “talk.”

I had found myself squarely in my ‘All is Lost’ moment.

You know the place. It’s the bar scene in the movie, the facial stubble is evident and the lead is looking pretty haggard.

It’s the part in The Wedding Singer where Adam Sandler is out of ideas, he’s all done, so he ponies up to the bar and says he just needs to go bang a bunch of girls and live like Fonzie. Like his friend Sammy.

It might be a prison scene, it might be a stuck on the side of the road moment, but every movie — EVERY movie has it.

The All is Lost moment.



Alden Olmsted

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