B-Story To The Rescue!

Alden Olmsted
9 min readMay 4, 2024

Chapter 12 of my Indie-Film Journal A Virus Ate My Movie!

I’ve got a slight twist here in the reality of making 30 Bikes, and especially since I’m DONE doubting myself anymore. In fact, I realize how doubting myself led to years and years of self-harm. I’m done questioning my decisions, done doubting my instincts. The movie is good.

The movie is shot.

The relief is real.

We found what happened to the missing 20 bikes!

But the movie is not getting edited, it’s sitting in two hard drives in San Pedro (hopefully close to the air conditioning).

And I’m in the exact place I was a year ago.

The exact same.

Living at the same friend’s house in Sonoma County. Delivering my art side hustle products to the same stores. Working sporadically for the same local courier friend, but mostly not working enough.

As I’ve said before, one defining characteristic of the All is Lost moment is that the character is in a worse place than when they started.

“How can that be?” you say.

“They’re on a journey — how could things be worse? At least they’re a little further along, right?”



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