Bookends of a Pandemic


So what gives? Where is this energy to write coming from? Well I think it’s pondering the miles driven, and thinking about the past two years of life with this pandemic, and since I love analyzing recent history and choices, I woke up and saw clearly the bookends.

May 2020, somewhere in California


I also feel it’s timely to bookend the pandemic as the truths about things we found ourselves arguing over are *thankfully* now out in the open. I won’t list them all but Ben Shapiro just did — and relax, it doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him — I respect his intellect but I acknowledge he’s a little whiny for me sometimes — but he lists out perfectly the things some of us said/ knew in the early moments, and that now even the experts have to admit are true.

New Years Day

Even if it weren’t a great song by U2, New Years Day I think always holds more hope and faith than other days.


So what now? As I said depending on your state or country the measures may be over or at least waning, but what now? It’s not just another new year it’s two-thousand-twenty-two. It’s past the milestone “future” of what 2020 sounded like.

Out with the old

Better than normal

Is there a more annoying recent phrase than “the new normal?” As if your parents are divorcing and trying to tell you that it’s going to be fine. Splitting time at two houses and two bedrooms and two families is a “new” normal that will somehow be better.


C.S. Lewis had a great bit of self-analysis once, and opined that where he got his inspiration and quality from was the following:



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Alden Olmsted

Alden Olmsted

I was born in a small town in Calif. . just another latch-key kid obsessed with BMX and Tom Petty. Now I make films and write when I get curious.