Here come the fear mongers and blame gamers.

"If we could only be like Australia!" Australia and New Zealand are both unsuccessful at zero covid because it's an airborne virus. It's not going away. Australia's cases are rising despite lockdown number four - or is it six I can't keep count. Regardless they just announced "this is not sustainable" (lockdowns), and they've picked an end date.

You've been sold a lie Umair, you've partially recognized big pharma but you're still getting sucked into the blame game .

Oh no! Fans in Illinois at Lollapalooza are not super spreaders - but hordes at Sturgis are - because CNN said so! Because the governors are different!

The science is clear - it's an age based and obesity specific virus:

Age Infection survival

0-19 99.9973%

20-29 99.986

30-39 99.969%

40-49 99.918%

50-59 99.73%

60-69 99.41%

70+ 94.5%

This isn't a blue - red state thing, it's an airborne virus with a corona shape - it ain't going away and the best way to fight Covid - and big pharma - is to stay healthy and be happy.

Do you have a purpose in life? Do you have a community and a few close friends?

You're ahead of the curve and the virus if you do.

Health and happiness are still the best allies and will win the day - yes even against fear mongers like CNN, Andy Slavitt, Fiegl-Ding, and Umair Haque.

I'm starting to believe articles like this are planted, that after 18 months people like Umair can't actually still believe "if the masks were tighter" or "if we REALLY locked down.." belligerently ignoring that lockdowns haven't / don't work and that masks at best slow 10% of covid. Hardly a panacea.

I was born in a small town to John and Priscilla. Not a pilgrim exactly just another latch-key kid obsessed with BMX and Tom Petty. Now I make films.

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