Holding Out For a Hero

Alden Olmsted
12 min readDec 16, 2023

Chapter Three of my Indie-Film Journal ‘A Virus Ate My Movie!’

“He’s a repeat offender… she’s a little desert flower.”

Who is your character?

“We’re set to pop honey”

I never thought of riding bikes as a sport. I thought of riding bikes as a gift.

“I get to ride this thing?” I thought.

“I get to build ramps and jump in the street and nobody is going to stop me? I can squeak and scuff my Vans on the front tire and get a nice ‘whoa that was cool kid’ reaction from the tourists passing through Sonoma?”

Sign me up. I’ll ride every day and twice on Sundays. And we did. We rode all over town. We had paper routes so our moms couldn’t hassle us about spending money on “bike stuff,” which is exactly what we did as soon as we got paid. We knew every part on our bikes, and we knew every part on our friends’ bikes. We knew who stole Jim’s skull valve caps last week and who just got a new Redline.

We also knew whose Redline was stolen and then found in the bottom of the swimming pool at Costi’s condo complex. Isaac did it. That kid was always stealing. Jeremy’s mom bought him a chrome GT, and the fact she was a cute mom didn’t hurt. That GT was sick.

Jim had a Hutch. Me, I had a Powerlite first then a Haro Sport. Damon had a Haro FST and Costi had a Patterson Racing. We all had Oakley grips and Vans shoes. My mom bought me generic Vans once, Keds.

So I got a job and started buying my own shoes.

I was 10.

We knew where the jumps were all over town and where
the best curbs were. If we saw the city fixing a sidewalk
or paving a new driveway, we’d ask the workers to make it a “nice transition.”

“Whaddya mean, ‘transition?’” the guy would say.

Ok maybe I was the only one who asked.

My best friend was Costi Dada. His family came to Sonoma when he was four. We lived a block away from each…



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