Jessica there are so many issues with this it's like the dam is about to burst and you're the little dutch kid with not enough fingers. But ending your propoganda-laden rant with "That's what all the experts predict, and the last year hasn't given us any reason to doubt them."

??? Where on God's green earth have you been living? Regardless of your politics they've given us EVERY reason to doubt them. From Fauci flip-flopping and now admitting his "advice" is based on polling, to Newsom in my state repeateadly eating indoors sans masks, to San Jose Mayor Sam Laccardo enjoying Thanksgiving with his NINETY year old parents (and five families total) after ordering his town to SIP - to Cuomo actively ordering covid-positive patients into nursing homes.. Oh my goodness Jessica. What more can I say. I want to give you the benefit of an assumed intelligence but you're making it pretty hard to do that. Don't like what I've written? Great. Respond on your own, not just repeated clichès and propoganda bs that - for more Americans than live in your echo chamber - is wearing thin.

I was born in a small town to John and Priscilla. Not a pilgrim exactly just another latch-key kid obsessed with BMX and Tom Petty. Now I make films.

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