Like most of your posts Jess, you assume two very strange things: 1. That everyone reading MUST agree with you or else they're crazy (or worse, horrible people), and 2. That it's impossible to take parts of a book or a talk and dismiss the parts you don't like.

I read TF's book and agree with you partially - but you know what - part of his biggest point is what you've missed (or choose to ignore): If you don't want a 4 hour work week that's ok. Maybe you want a 10 hr. Or a 50. Maybe you own a restaurant and you love working long, feeding people late into the night. I like some of his points but I understand it's not a one-size-fits-all ethos - ie.. I like to work! *gasp*

So my "4 hour work week* dream, is probably closer to 30-50, depending on the week. As a documentary filmmaker I know my field, it includes long days. A film can't be made in four hours a week. And the editing? omg don't get me started.

Some of your points are valid, and good for you for admitting to be a bitch. But if you can admit to being a bitch, with admittedly specific utopian dreams, why is it bad for Tim to maybe be your basic selfish male - even prick - with a similarly specific utopian dream?

You are free to take part of his mantra and use it - if you like - and dismiss what you don't like. Just like us readers are free to do with you.

But the vitriol? Doesn't seem like a recipe for happiness - or productivity - no matter how many hours a week you work.

I was born in a small town to John and Priscilla. Not a pilgrim exactly just another latch-key kid obsessed with BMX and Tom Petty. Now I make films.