Nope Tim. Now you’ve joined the bot-fake news and are merely interested in adding to the recent division many of us are experiencing.

1. These deathbed “accounts” are so awful — so consistent — so timely — they must be real! (They’re not — proof is readily available via a tool called google).

2. Hesitancy to accept a rushed vaccine is not just reasonable — it’s based on history. Research the polio vaccine deaths in the 50’s and learn a little.

3. For you to state (as if it’s a hardened fact) that anyone questioning the narrative of this past year (the messaging which has been horribly inconsistent at best, downright new world order at worst) doesn’t care about other people, shows you have chosen idiocy over data, cnn over your own common sense. I have seven family members over the age of 70, yet upon finding out I had been “outside” during the early stage of CA’s lockdown, a (now former) friend actually proclaimed “must be nice to not have any family who might get this virus.” Untrue and sad that you’ve chosen to be this divisive — perhaps you’ve been talking with my friend — over zoom of course.

4. For all your MAGA — Jesus stereotypes how do you explain the recent lockdown protests in France? UK? Trumpers? Lol. Religious zealots? They’re both at their lowest level of church attendance in over 200 years.

5. Sweden, with the same population as Los Angeles county, has now almost 1/2 the deaths, yet with almost no loss of livelihood, nor useless, unscientific school closures.

Please do more research than just perusing your own echo chamber. Maybe I’m an anomaly (not a Trumper, not anti-vaccine), but I’m available if you’d like to learn outside your own understanding.


I was born in a small town to John and Priscilla. Not a pilgrim exactly just another latch-key kid obsessed with BMX and Tom Petty. Now I make films.