SNL Sketch Confirms it — Covid was the bully on our schoolyard

We’ve just been bullied

(yes, all of us)

Why the heck would we want to split up into sides during a dangerous pandemic!

Nobody wants anyone to die and it should go without saying. We prove it every day when we stop at red lights and go on green. When we navigate parking at Home Depot on a Saturday, or obey the order of a busy airport.

Still don’t believe me?

Maybe you’ll recognize you were bullied by seeing who bullied you.


Social media and a 24–7 news cycle can take some blame but we wouldn’t have all gotten bullied if we weren’t due. If we weren’t ripe for the kicking.


The OSHA vaccine mandate failed, on the ground and in the courts and even in Canadian provinces end dates have been set.



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Alden Olmsted

Alden Olmsted

I was born in a small town in Calif. . just another latch-key kid obsessed with BMX and Tom Petty. Now I make films and write when I get curious.